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Liquid Bubbles
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We are a film production company based in New York City.

Most of Anaretic Degree's film projects are focused on deep topics of the human condition and the nature of reality. 

Our vision is to work with the best talent, production houses and distributors in the auteur cinema world.

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Liquid Bubbles

our Story

Founded in 2021, Anaretic Degree began with the dream and vision to produce compelling stories based strictly on offering themes and characters that will challenge the viewer and performers into a new way of looking at the world and others.


Joseph DeAngelis-Conlin, Founder/CEO of Anaretic Degree, is a life long creative artist, director, producer and writer who leads the helm on most projects, is a passionate actors focused filmmaker, and welcomes those who wish to explore our future plans to make profound and intimate stories come to life.

Liquid Bubbles
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